Nile University Law Clinic

The Clinical Legal Education program birth the Law Clinic. The Law Clinic platform provides hands-on-legal experience to law students whilst they provide pro bono legal services to indigent clients.
This program is for the 4th and 5th year Law Students. The essence of this program is to make law students skilled in the legal profession and also imbibe in them a passionate drive for public interest lawyering.

Our Programs

The Pre-trial Detention and Prison Matters Group

This group will visit prisons to interview pre-trial detainees and facilitate access to justice to such pre-trial detainees.

The Environmental and Sanitation Group

this group will visit communities and educate them on the essence of a clean environment. The goal of this group is to ensure these communities have a clean habitable environment

The Freedom of Information (FoI) Group

this group will educate the populace on the Freedom of Information Act which was passed into law in 2011. The FoI Act embedded in a citizen the right to ask for information …

The Human Rights Group

this group will be educating the public on their fundamental rights and also facilitate access to justice to abused persons.



PRE-TRIAL JUSTICE PROJECT providing access to justice to the…

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